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 Handbook Chapter 2: Ranks

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Handbook Chapter 2: Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Handbook Chapter 2: Ranks   Handbook Chapter 2: Ranks I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 09, 2009 5:12 pm

7th Infantry Division

Handbook Chapter 2: Ranks New_ba11
Official Handbook

Enlisted Rank
Recruits (Rec.):

Private (Pvt.):

Private First Class (PFC):

Corporal (Cpl.):

Non-Commission Officer
Sergeant (Sgt.):

Staff Sergeant (SSgt.):

Technical Sergeant (TSgt.):

First Sergeant (FSgt.):

Master Sergeant (MSgt.):

Second Lieutenant (2Lt.):

First Lieutenant (1Lt.):

Captain (Cpt.):

Technical Ranks

Technical Fifth Grade (T/5)
Equal to a Cpl.

Technical Fourth Grade (T/4)
Equal to a Sgt.

Technical Third Grade (T/3)
Equal to a SSgt.

*** Note: Technical Ranks are not a command rank, they are specialists.
They do not command a squad, platoon or company. They will be respected
as the rank they carry and will be obeyed the same as their command rank counter-parts. ***
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Handbook Chapter 2: Ranks
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