7th Infantry Division

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 7th Infantry Division Roster

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Romans |7th ID|

Romans |7th ID|

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PostSubject: 7th Infantry Division Roster   7th Infantry Division Roster I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2010 11:54 pm

7th Infantry Division

7th Infantry Division Roster New_ba11

Alpha Company

Active Members:35

Company Staff

Commanding Officer: Capt. Romans
Senior Executive Officer: 1Lt. Jenner
Executive Officer: 2Lt. Westerman
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer: Open
Company Medic: Medic Huang
Public Relations: S/Sgt. Mallorie
Company Clerk: Open

Technical Staff

Scrimmage Coordinator: Capt. Romans
Drill Instructor: T/4 Sheffield
Drill Instructor: T/5 Yeneralo
BCT Instructor: 2Lt. Westerman

Military Police

Head MP: 2Lt. Westerman
MP: S/Sgt. Powers
MP: T/4 Sheffield

1st Platoon

Platoon Leader: 1Lt. Jenner
Platoon Sergeant: T/Sgt. Pelezo

1st Squad

Squad Leader: S/Sgt. Powers
Rifleman: Cpl. Sauce
Rifleman: Pvt. Arthur
Rifleman: Pvt. Hybrid
Rifleman: Pvt. Giovannini
Rifleman: Pvt. Parks
Rifleman: Pvt. Oldani
Rifleman: Pvt. East

2nd Squad

Squad Leader: Cpl. Bones
Rifleman: Cpl. Guzzler
Rifleman: PFC Aung
Rifleman: PFC Woljevach
Rifleman: Pvt. Palma
Rifleman: Pvt. Natural
Rifleman: Pvt. Scott

2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader: 2Lt. Westerman
Platoon Sergeant: S/Sgt. Mallorie

1st Squad

Squad Leader: Sgt. Manner
Rifleman: T/4 Sheffield
Rifleman: PFC Belmont
Rifleman: Pvt. Stone
Rifleman: Pvt. Daily
Rifleman: Pvt. DeVall
Rifleman: Pvt. Nguyen
Rifleman: Pvt. Detroit

2nd Squad

Squad Leader: Cpl. Miller
Rifleman: T/5 Yeneralo
Rifleman: PFC Gohan
Rifleman: Pvt. Granite
Rifleman: Pvt. Dumo
Rifleman: Pvt. Sullivan
Rifleman: Pvt. Martinez


Rec. Ellis

Recruits: Contact the BCT instructor to schedule a time. You will be placed in a squad when you achieve the rank of Private. After you pass BCT you may participate in official scrims & drills and the forum restriction will be lifted.

7th Infantry Division Roster Romans10
7th Infantry Division Roster Capt_r12
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7th Infantry Division Roster
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