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 Greetings: Heres 82nd AB Info

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Foshey [82nd AB]

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Greetings:  Heres 82nd AB Info Empty
PostSubject: Greetings: Heres 82nd AB Info   Greetings:  Heres 82nd AB Info I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2010 6:35 pm

This PFC G. Foshey just stopped to shoot our info if you didnt have it. Also this realism tournament idea is ideal to get this community back on track. Keep me informed on the status. Thank PFC G. Foshey [82nd AB]

82nd Airborne Division Info:
Game Type: Day of Defeat 1.3 Status: Alive
IP Address: Port: 27015 Query Port: 27015

Join us any time to have a great time....<=Salute=>
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Greetings: Heres 82nd AB Info
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