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 7th Infantry Division Official Scrim Rules an Regulations.

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PostSubject: 7th Infantry Division Official Scrim Rules an Regulations.   Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:18 am

7th Infantry Division

Official Scrim Rules
an Regulations

1. No surfing.

2. Boosting is optional.

3. No ghosting.

4. No glitching.

5. No parachutes in our server Optional for others.

6. Pickups will be determined before the scrim starts.

7. Only map weapons.

8. Start with team weapons only.

9. No mods allowed except for Weaponmod & FadetoBlack.

10. No changing the rules after agreement from both sides.

11. Once the date has been set and agreed upon by BOTH parties, any Party
that does not show will be considered a forfeit.

12. Boundaries for mid and defense must be agreed upon by both unit representatives before the scrim begins.

13. Seven (7) days prior to the official scrim date, teams have to submit a roster of eligible players, anyone joining the unit afterward is not an eligible player, thus can not join in the official scrim but if players listed on
the official roster do not show substitution of only UNIT members will be allowed to fill the spot with further

14. False representation is an automatic disqualification.

15. "Ringers" or non "Unit Members" will not be allowed.
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7th Infantry Division Official Scrim Rules an Regulations.
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